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Meet Woosh: The Video Producers Collaboration Tool

We are thrilled to introduce you to Woosh, the best place to share, protect and gather feedback with clients and production teams. All you need in a video collaboration tool…with no restrictions!

Sick of buffering?

(No this won’t ever load)

We understand the struggle so we asked video producers like you …

If we were to build a video collaboration tool, what would you want it to look like? You told us it should have these … 

Key Features:

🚀 Process videos lightning fast so you can send video files with ease and speed

💬 Receive timestamped feedback from viewers

Resolve your feedback and comments

🔘 Turn downloads, comments and approvals functions off and on

🔐 Custom watermarks and password protection

😭 Doesn’t get upset by files sizes or lock you out of features

Take a gander at our quality video sharing platform and feedback tool. It’s positioned right in the sweet spot between simplicity and functionality. 

You can use it…on us. Free.. gratis! With no restrictions!

See more here: Wooshii – – Video Collaboration

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