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New Product Videos | Creating a Story

Have you got a new product you’re looking to promote? Check out our top 10 things to consider when creating new product videos.

Want a video for your new product?

…then what’s the best way to create a story?

Here are 10 important things to think about when creating a video for a new product.

1) Evoke a Reaction

Generally speaking, there are 4 key emotions that marketers focus on. Check out these 4 examples we think pretty much sum each one up.


Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. van Damme


Dollar Shave Club – Our Blades are F***ing Great


UK Anti-Smoking Advert


Dove – Real Beauty Sketches

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a product video, but it’s a great example of moving viewers and sharing brand values.

2) Challenge and solution

A popular approach to the script for a new product video is to start with the problem (a challenge that the viewer will connect with) and then introduce the solution (your product or service)

You can then move on to the main benefit/impact your product has on your customers’ lives. Speak to them directly: how will this change their lives for the better?

3) 5-second Hook

We touched on this in a recent blog post, but consumers have short attention spans. Give them a reason to continue watching.

The first 5 seconds become all the more important when advertising on YouTube (see below).

4) Promote it

If it’s a new product launch, you may want to advertise your video to the right audience in order to quickly raise awareness. In which case test out YouTube’s TrueView Instream.

You only pay for engaged views, and seeing as a user can skip the ad after 5 seconds, the 5-second rule applies here more than anywhere.

5) Keep it short

We normally recommend no more than 60-90 seconds. Again, this is mostly down to the consumer’s short attention span these days.

6) Always add a call to action

Tell a user what to do next. This could be a link to a landing page in order to prompt a purchase, for example.

Consider video annotations, title cards or links in the description, as these make lives easier for the consumer.

7) Live action vs Animation

With live action, you can make an emotional connection by showing someone actually using your product.

With animation you can be more creative as you’re not limited by what is possible to film in the real world.

Sometimes one style works better than the other for your product: it can come down to factors like your intended audience, budget, previous styles used, etc. Explore different options, but ultimately it often comes down to personal preference.

8) Have a clear tone of voice

Remember your brand values. Throughout your story, always think of your tone of voice. What do you stand for? What is your creed? This should be one of the first things you consider.

9) Demo your product

A demo will focus on the features and benefits of your product. Consider a close up of the product if possible so people feel as it they are testing it for themselves.

10) Do you need more than 1 video?

Sometimes it takes more than just 1 story to launch something new.

Take Volvo trucks’ Van Damme ad again. This is called a HERO video because it raises massive awareness, and its purpose was to drive people to their YouTube channel.

On their YouTube channel (known as the HUB), Volvo then had several more informative product demos where they explained their product in more detail.

These are called HYGIENE videos. This Hero Hub Hygiene campaign drove huge success, so consider your long term goals when devising your strategy.

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