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Live video and the power of NOW.

Live video provides a powerful way to connect with your audience. Here are some quick tips to help make your Live Video campaigns more successful…

Statistics show that people are more inclined to engage with live video – “live video is outpacing the growth of other types of online video, with a 113% increase in ad growth yearly” (FreeWheel Video Monetization Report, Q3 2015).

When something is live it gives the sense that it is only available for a limited time and the consumer feels the need to tune in. Just like watching any live awards or sports show, you want to tune in to see what could happen and you don’t want to miss out on anything that your peers will be talking about in the morning! Yes, of course, you could probably go online to re-watch it but it’s not the same as seeing it live.

Here are 5 considerations when looking to use live video:

1. Ask. Why Live?

The first question you need to ask yourself is “why live?”. There should be a compelling reason that your audience would want to tune in, something that will capture their attention and reel them in.

2. Time It

You need to ensure that the timing for live video is right, don’t just plan it on a whim. Is there a product launch or something behind the scenes you can show your consumers? Should you tie it into a holiday or season? Try to time your live video based on what is relevant not just your brand but the consumer as well.

3. Prepare

Live video is great but make sure to prepare how you are going to carry out the livestream. It would be wise to hire professional film crew so that the quality is good. You also want to make sure you have good camera angles so doing a recce of the space you are going to film at is ideal. What you don’t want to happen is to go live and the quality video and what you are filming looks like you don’t know what you’re doing!

4. Consider a Host

Some live video tells enough on its own, such as a concert. Other live video streams need a host – someone to guide them through what they are watching and explain what is being shown. Your host should be someone who is not camera-shy and who knows the in’s and out’s of the topic you are filming.

5. Engage Once Live

If you are posting your live stream on a platform that allows users to engage, have your brand ambassador or customer service team watch what is being said so you can learn from your live stream and perhaps even respond to some of the comments. You want to make sure you are capturing findings from your steam so you can see if its a tactic you should continue to use – it will also provide information that will help optimise future live streams.

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Why does all of this matter? Consumers are in the mindset of now. They want things instantly and want to get it with ease. You as a brand need to be thinking in the mindset of “live” and “now” to see if it makes sense for your brand and take steps to add these tactics into your video marketing plans.

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