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Facebook Video

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video is exploding and gives your brand a chance to win fans, followers, likes, and, ultimately, increase sales.

In June 2015, Facebook videos were reported to get 4 billion views per day. Within five months, this figure doubled to a staggering 8 billion views per day. These viewing figures give your brand chances to win fans, followers, likes, and, ultimately, increase sales.

Here are four ways to think about Facebook videos for your brand.

#1 Educational/Informational Shorts

These videos should be fast-paced and short-form. They’re the kind of videos that are fun and shareable – viewers can watch the entire thing in a very short space of time (exactly what Facebook audiences scrolling through their feed are after).

Key points:

  • Less than 30s
  • Clear message
  • Text/image overlays (more on this below)

A great example is Tastemade with their quick how-to recipes. Take a look:

#2 Gifs

A gif is an animated image/series of images that move like a video. They quickly engage the viewer and are great for people scrolling quickly through their Facebook timelines.

Key points:

  • Collection of a series of images animated within a larger context
  • Often just 5-10 seconds, which is great for shareability, but can be longer in certain circumstances (i.e. below)

#3 Worksafe Ads

While scrolling through Facebook, there is no audio on videos that aren’t clicked on. Your videos should cater for this, and you could create videos that can be watched without sound.

You can do this by adding text and making the message as clear as possible in the opening few seconds of the video. This will expand your viewership so that videos can be watched, understood and engaged with without the viewer even having to click into the video link.

Key points:

  • Use titles to help tell the general story
  • Expand viewership to people watching at work, on the bus, non-native English speakers, etc.

#4 User Generated Content

Facebook is a breeding ground for shareable content. And how better to promote sharing than encouraging people to create their own piece of the puzzle?

User Generated Content encourages viewers to interact with the brand and play into the marketing campaign. When trying to picture a great UGC campaign, think GoPro. Essentially all of their marketing videos are created by their community.

Key points:

  • Make it easy for viewers to respond – just a hashtag could do it
  • Encourage creativity

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