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5 Videos Every Business Needs

Everyone knows that video is becoming a key factor for a company’s success – but where do you start? Find out which videos are the best for raising brand awareness, increasing conversion rates and promoting your product/services.

It’s no secret that video is a key player when it comes to ensuring brand awareness, generating leads and growing/converting audiences.

If you want to grow your business, then here are some videos that you can’t do without.

1) Video Ad

YouTube videos receive nearly 2 billion views every single day. Having a video advert for your brand is a great way to reach this audience. If you want traction, you’ll need to promote your video and push it to the right audience, but get it right and it could raise huge brand awareness.

Wooshii Tip: Try using YouTube’s TrueView system and set up your video as a pre-roll ad (see image). You’ll only pay when someone watches it for 30s or more, so get your message across early and it’s essentially free advertising.

2) Intro Video

If you are introducing a product/service to consumers or investors for the first time, an intro video is one of the most effective ways of doing this.

Video is the quickest way to relay what your company is about and makes you stand out from the crowd.

3) Testimonials

Social proof is hugely powerful and can convert passive viewers into customers. A viewer is more likely to believe a real person than a corporation and will build brand trust and credibility.

4) Product Videos

A product video showcases a product’s unique selling points in a clear and digestible manner. They are a great sales tool for your brand and extremely valued by the viewer. Product videos act as a preview for the product and enable the viewer to ‘test’ the product before making a purchase.

Wooshii Tip: Use the product video to pre-empt and address any questions or concerns a potential customer may have.

5) Video for Content Marketing

Producing useful content on a regular basis will both nurture your existing customers and find you new ones. Think about answering commonly asked questions through these videos. What would viewers find useful? What are people in your industry searching for?

Wooshii Tip: You could then send these out to existing customers on an email or enable new customers to find it via searches, a company blog, the website, etc.

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