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Vega Award Winners

Pop open a bottle of champagne! 

Wooshii is thrilled to announce the game changing news that our Thermo Fisher Scientific ‘Accuracy’ ad has been awarded Centauri Winner of  Single Video/Online Video in the 2022 Vega Digital Awards!

We are beyond excited to now be a part of The Vega Digital Awards, which is a celebration of creativity and a platform that highlights the vital role of innovative pioneers that work in the digital landscape. Naturally, we fit right in as the international competition also honours excellence in the planning and execution of digital comms. 

This year’s theme ‘Transcending Boundaries’ tied in perfectly with our Thermo Fisher Scientific Benchtop Instruments partnership. 

Have a read of what our Creative Director Rippin Sindher can tell you about the project!

“Our “Accuracy” ad is part of a new campaign that showcases the power of science and innovation in its ability to generate inspiration within a researcher and have a ripple effect on a team. It all begins with one instrument. One moment. The connection between researcher and device. And that is the genesis for instrumental impact. 

The unconventional idea of bringing in dance, visual effects and giving life to the instruments in this fashion was to show that everyday research does not have to be mundane. To set the scene, in the lab, our female lead (renowned South Asian dancer and founder of BFunk, Shivani Bhagwan) powers on an instrument and what ensues is the electricity and accurate results that come from the powerful Countess III device. It’s so riveting that the energy travels through her body, from her arms, through her feet and it powers the technically accurate dance. The dance is in sync to demonstrate how travelling energy is transferred in a lab of researchers. There is a true relationship between the instrument and the researcher. Without either, the innovation cannot truly work. It’s why benchtop instruments never miss a beat. 

There is so much more to science than the traditional thoughts of who scientists are, how they look or how they behave in the lab. This is about humanising science and creatively, with energy, showing that science can be hip, cool, fun…and make real change.”

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