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Looking for videographer for online course promotional videos *long term*

This project received 1 pitch so far
Budget  $3000
Deadline  10/09/2015
Type  Live Action

Live Video chat, Voice call and text chat software for your website including Co-browsing and screen share.

This project received 6 pitches so far
Budget  $500
Deadline  06/09/2015
Type  Animation

Learn, Practice, Apply. Medical Coding Lab turns students into coders.

This project received 20 pitches so far
Budget  $1500
Deadline  06/09/2015
Type  Animation

Explainer video for a ridesharing app for families

This project received 15 pitches so far
Budget  £500
Deadline  07/09/2015
Type  Animation

Product Video x4 - Shoot Only (illinois) NO EDIT

This project received 4 pitches so far
Budget  $5000
Deadline  08/09/2015
Type  I'm not sure