$20k additional digital budget – what are your experiments?

$20k additional digital budget – what are your experiments?

Get creative with those end of year budgets.

It’s that time of the quarter and time of year to wrap up your budget spending. You could be allocating funds to the new and experimental.

For many, those budgets are attributed to more of the same.

I gathered some media owner, media agency and client-side digital friends and asked ‘if I gave you an additional $20k to allocate before the end of the year, where would you spend it?’ This is what they suggested + some links to people who explain it better than then media owners do.

Of course my suggestion is always going to be to dip your toe in video production, starting with an asset to use for remarketing via YouTube Trueview or to increase on-site conversions. As soon as you overcome the production obstacle, you accelerate in enhancing customer experience, programmatic buying and building the brand with the exactly right audience.

It’s also end of year and pre-holidays so unless it’s the busiest time of the year for you (hello retail friends) it’s a good time to get creative

How can you get 200K video views?

alpharooms.com share their video 200,000 times and their video remarketing campaign is more cost-effective than search


alpharooms.com, founded in 1999, is a worldwide travel brand that offers discounts on hotels, flights, holidays, car hire and other holiday extras. Their portfolio includes 250,000 hotels and apartments in over 40,000 destinations.

Last year, when looking at their brand searches on Google, alpharooms.com noticed that several unofficial videos had started to surface in the results, including obsolete voucher codes and old brand messaging. These unofficial videos acted as a catalyst for alpharooms.com to start planning their first video online campaign. Jamie Shuker, MD of alpharooms.com, remarks the reason behind their foray into online video was to gain more control over the consistency of their brand messaging. ‘We wanted our core messaging to be conveyed in as engaging a way as possible to a wide audience, and the obvious solution was video.’

He adds that

‘we always had video on our horizon as we know how powerful it is in raising awareness, so we didn’t need very much convincing. The key was finding a method in which to do our first test which didn’t take too much financial commitment, so if our first attempt didn’t succeed, we at least tried it and could learn from it.’

alpharooms.com opted for two low risk solutions to launch their campaign: they produced their video using a video marketplace, and promoted it on TrueView in-stream.


Using innovative video production solutions enabled alpharooms.com to enter the video space


alpharooms.com wanted their video ad to clearly explain their unique selling points without any fuss. ‘Our proposition is very clear and we wanted our unique selling points to speak for themselves,’ says Jamie. They felt the most effective way to highlight and bring to life their advantages was through a short engaging animation, front-loaded with branding in the first 5 seconds.

They felt Wooshii was best suited to their needs.  Jamie explains, ‘traditional methods of getting our video made were beyond what we were willing to pay for this trial campaign. With Wooshii, we could set our budget from the start and post a brief for free to see who was interested. It enabled us to bypass any unnecessary stages and cut straight to the chase. We immediately started receiving pitches once we posted our brief. We got fast results without spending too much time or a fortune.’ After browsing portfolios of video-makers and reading reviews, alpharooms.com then chose the animator they wanted to work with.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 11.07.58

Wooshii’s in-house production managers were on stand-by to guide them through the process. With this being their first venture into video, ‘no one had prior video experience, so it was great to be able to ask questions, although the process was very straight forward.’ The ease and speed enabled them to finish their production in time for their pre-xmas launch. ‘Being able to turn around the video on a tight deadline, having full control over our budget and having such an easy process was great as not many places offer this. And the results were of high quality.’


TrueView in-stream enabled alpharooms.com targeted reach


alpharooms.com launched their TrueView in-stream campaign before the January peaks in order to raise awareness early. TrueView in-stream provided alpharooms.com with a cost-effective way to reach their audience. With TrueView in-stream, a user can choose to skip the ad after 5 seconds or continue watching. Advertisers only pay after a user has engaged for 30 seconds (or if the video is shorter than 30 seconds, advertisers pay on completion of the video). ‘We were able to show our message knowing that only interested parties would engage with it, which avoided a lot of wastage.’

The variety of TrueView targeting options available to advertisers enabled alpharooms.com to refine their target audience. They tested retargeting as well as broader options based on user interests.


The performance of the video ad went beyond their expectations


‘Our video remarketing CPAs were far lower than expected and lower than our Search campaign CPAs.’ The video received over 200,000 views, ‘which is amazing exposure for our brand. Even more impressive was the fact that our video was watched in total for 140,000 minutes. We hadn’t anticipated such levels of engagement when we embarked on this campaign.’

Jamie concludes, ‘with video performing way beyond our expectations, we are likely to do more in the future to continue to reinforce our brand messaging, using TrueView as well as Wooshii.’

Kittens in Videos: Do You Really Need Them?

On hindsight, the ice bucket challenge was destined for internet glory. It’s simple, easy and inexpensive, it’s social, it works well on video, it’s authentic and it supports a good cause. The challenge was suggested by a baseball player with ALS, not a marketer.

With so many creative marketing minds in the world spinning out great ideas, why aren’t they lighting up the webscape daily, even hourly? Why is it that the videos that get the most traction come from the least experienced people and places?

Perhaps it’s because authenticity has overtaken creativity as the coin of the realm in online life. What’s a marketer to do if people prefer other people’s stuff to whatever a brand does, no matter how clever?

The Answer: Be Real. Be Unviral.

Say what?

That’s right. There’s no need to go viral if your video is authentic. Wistia says ‘not viral’ is the new viral. Make a real video (by learning techniques on sites like CreatorUp) and then track it, tweak it and a/b test it like a landing page. Use YouTube’s Creator Playbook, host it on Brightcove or go to people like Phil Nottingham for guidance on building a video SEO strategy. If you don’t feel your team has the bandwidth to handle it in-house, you can bid it out on sites like Wooshii.

Get creative with your next explainer video and get discovered through SEO. You don’t have to put a cat in it; just make it watchable. Watchable videos don’t have to have music or slick graphics or even animation, but they can have all of these elements. A GoPro, a laptop and an intern can do it, and often they have the best ideas anyway. (Go interns!) It’s affordable, trackable and potentially good for the bottom line, even if it doesn’t go viral.

If you’re dead set on going viral and you’re thinking of combining two popular memes into one smoking hot video: too late, somebody’s already got a YouTube video of a cat doing the ice bucket challenge.

Football Chairman, a best-selling app, now has a Wooshii-made app video

Providing your potential customers with an app preview video is an extremely effective way to accelerate app downloads. It brings your app to life, giving your audience a taster of your app before they purchase. It emotionally engages in a way that static images and text simply cannot.

Football Chairman, a sporting app that enables you to build your own virtual football empire, is no stranger to success. When they launched the latest version of their app, it went straight to #1 in the UK paid app charts within hours of launch. It was named as one of the iTunes Editor’s “Best of 2013″ apps and now has over 1 million downloads!

The app allows you to create a football club from scratch, starting as a tiny non-league team, and the aim is to see if you can make it through seven divisions to the very top.

Incredibly, the whole success of the app, has been down to clever deployment of marketing strategies and very little budget. “The whole success of the app has been built on viral marketing strategies – we had no budget when we launched, so the only way to compete with the big app developers was to be clever with our marketing,” says co-creator of the app, James Black.

He understood the importance of using video to increase visibility, “adding an app preview video was an obvious step, and using Wooshii enabled us to get a video produced for a reasonable budget that looks as good (if not better!) than anything the big app companies have got.”

Thrilled with the results, James will be using Wooshii again, “We’re hopeful that the video will help to continue the success of the app, and we’ll certainly be using Wooshii again for any future app videos!”

Using Wooshii enables you to make a high quality app video, quickly and within a budget you set. Simply post a project to our 10K video-makers, for free, and interested video-makers will pitch to win your business and bring your video to life. You can get started by posting a project here. We recommend putting ‘App Preview Video’ in your project title and a rough budget guide would be $800-$1200 US dollars for a 30 second app animation.

Recognising the importance of video, Google Play, and now recently the App Store allow video previews. We recommend checking out the Google Play as well as App Store guidelines. Google Play allow up to 1 min for a preview video and allow creative freedom. App Store are more strict so check out their requirements (30 seconds, no hands, just simple graphics and voice-over). Don’t forget to also post your preview on your YouTube and social channels.

4 things you need to establish about your brand

Before you think about making a video, in fact before you consider any marketing, it’s important to first stop and think about your brand.

Because people don’t just buy into a product, they buy in to what a brand stands for. Check out our tips below:

If you are keen to post a video project for free to our video-makers, please go here.