Winning More Projects – The Wooshii Pitch Scorecard

Winning More Projects – The Wooshii Pitch Scorecard

What makes a good pitch?

We have pulled together the key elements of a winning pitch and created the Wooshii Pitch Scorecard. If you are a video maker pitching on projects you will start to see feedback and scores out of 10 from the team. These scores are not visible to the project posters but will now contribute to your overall Wooshii score.


  • Have you referred to the buyer’s company / brief specifically?
  • Is the pitch well written overall?
  • Is the selected example video relevant to the buyer’s brief?
  • Do you describe an idea or style approach for the buyer?
  • Are you descriptive about your working process / what is included in the brief?
  • Do you give background about your past experience?
  • Did you pitch on the correct type of video (i.e. an animator pitching on an animation)?
  • Do you quote a higher price in your pitch?

We are often being asked about daily pitch limits –  you can bid on 10 projects in a 24 hour period.

Our video clients are looking for the most relevant pitches, we are encouraging you to write great pitches, win more business, improve your Wooshii rating  – everybody wins.

From your friends at Wooshii

How To Win At Video Content Marketing – Sign Up For Free Webinar

How To Win At Video Content Marketing – Sign Up For Free Webinar

Event Description

Join us for a webinar on October 30 with our friends at Scripted to learn about best practices in video content marketing. 


In today’s world of content marketing, consumers are eager to digest multimedia content. In fact, about 85 percent of Internet users are watching video online today. If you’re looking to drive engagement through visual content in your content marketing strategy, adding video is an easy way to do it. And on October 30, Wooshii (Anna Tong, Head of Marketing) and Scripted (Ryan Buckley, Head of Partnerships/Co-founder) will team up to lend their expertise on how today’s content marketers can create engaging videos.

Specifically, they’ll discuss:

● The rise of video marketing ● Best practices around video content creation from Wooshii ● The nuts and bolts of writing an engaging video script ● Scripted video script writing process

Join us for a 30-minute webinar and 30-minute interactive Q&A session (1 hour total) to learn how your brand can reap the rewards of video content.

About the Speakers:

Anna Tong (Head of Marketing, Wooshii)


Anna is Head of Marketing at Wooshii. She previously worked at Google and YouTube for 7 years as an Industry Manager. There, she developed digital strategy for major brands, covering areas such as video, social, mobile, search, export. As video became a significant and crucial part her clients’ strategy, Anna dedicated more of her time to brand building, which lead her to Wooshii. Wooshii connects brands who need video, with video-makers who can create quality cost-effective videos for them.

Ryan Buckley (Head of Partnerships/Co-founder, Scripted)


Ryan Buckley is Co-founder and Head of Partnerships of Ryanholds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and an MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Still and always a Cal Bear,Ryan graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Economics and Environmental Sciences. He likes to dabble in PHP, Python, Rails, Quickbooks, and whatever else he needs to know to help run Scripted.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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10 Posts on Marketing, Video and Startups

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Wooshii is now officially a YouTube certified partner. Stay tuned for tips and tricks about YouTube

Wooshii is now officially a YouTube certified partner. Stay tuned for tips and tricks about YouTube

YouTube is the driving force behind how we view and use video today. There are over 1 billion unique monthly viewers who watch YouTube across the globe. And the best part…YouTube makes it extremely easy to promote yourself and your Channel to the world.

Wooshii is now YouTube certified! Which means we are qualified experts in everything to do with YouTube, from what makes a good YouTube ad, to how to grow your viewership on YouTube. We will impart all this knowledge to you so stay tuned to find out tips and tricks on growing your audience on YouTube.